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As a rule, community newspapers stay in the household for an indefinite period of time and are picked up intermittently and read page for page until the whole paper has been gone through.
If you are an advertiser this is how you get the most out of your advertising dollars.
A daily newspaper, using most working people as an example, is given on average about 15 minutes of the readers time, then it is discarded because another one is coming tommorrow.Your ad is competing with all the others in a limited time to be noticed.

How Important is Advertising?

Here's an interesting fact. Right after 9/11 two major conglomerates came out with internal memos. Kmart's memo ordered an immediate freeze on all advertising funds. The Home Depot memo directed their advertising people to increase their budget and capture a larger share of the market. Two months later, Kmart declared bankruptcy and Home Depot reported one of their most profitable months in company history,

Folks, advertising works!


Ads that get results...just ask our advertisers.

The paper that people ARE reading...just ask your

Advertising rates that are affordable...just call 595-3314.

The Village View staff has over 35 years experience in
We understand our clients’ advertising needs and believe we can help to make your profits grow.

Let us get your advertising message to the community.. We think you’ll be pleasantly suprised.


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